MLSA will sponsor a New Referee Course Saturday, February 15th, 12:30pm to 5pm at the Municipal Building, 710 Washington Road.  This is NOT the Rec Center.

  • Successfully completing the New Referee Course makes you a USSF Referee - so you can ref Travel games
  • It is not necessary to take the class in Mt Lebanon, other classes are available (and more will be added) to suit your schedule
  • You must be 14 years old by the date of your classroom session
  • Cost is $100


Go to and click the "Become A Referee" tab, where you will find:

  • General information about becoming and remaining a referee
  • Step-by-step instructions on obtaining and submitting your clearances (for all) and work permits (for minors)
    • These need not be submitted prior to your classroom session, but must be submitted before you receive your badge and are therefore able to referee
    • New for 2020 is an online SafeSport training which must be completed.  This takes about an hour and can be done in sections.
    • If you need fingerprints (18+), allow several weeks for processing
  • How to register an account in the GameOfficials system, which gives you access to all available courses
  • After you select and pay for your classroom session you will have access to online instruction which:
    • MUST be completed at least one week prior to the classroom session
    • Takes 3-4 hours and can be done in sections

ProTips for GameOfficials:

  • Make sure to specify Mt Lebanon as your "Home Association" under Contact Info.  That's how you get on the Lebo list for assigning.
  • Make sure to list an email address you actually use, the State Referee Committee frequently sends out important info to all refs via email.
  • You will use this same system every year to sign up for your re-certification (current cost $65).

For questions, contact Brian Auer, refkeeper@gmail.com412.608.8676