Winter Futsal

Calling all Lebo soccer players 1st - 12th grade – play indoor soccer in the winter! 

The League runs January through mid-March on Saturdays and Sundays.

We are balancing the heavy guided play of the fall and spring with free pickup style play in the off-season – giving the players all the invaluable benefits of pick-up type play. Everyone benefits! Futsal is fast and fun.   

Futsal is a form of small-sided soccer, and it is the basis of youth skill development in Brazil and Spain. America’s own US Soccer Academy requires Futsal in their training regimen. Players who are perhaps a bit burned out with multiple team practices, skill sessions, drills and lengthy travel may rediscover their love of the game in the unpressured setting.  


Here’s Why We’re Fast Fans:

  • Small-sided soccer assures a vastly increased amount of touches per player, with decision-making and overall defensive/offensive fluidity maximized – excellent practice for the larger game. 
  • Kids love Futsal conditions because positional play is de-emphasized, the game is fast-paced and played with little stoppage, lots of goals are possible and players improve their overall understanding of individual and small group tactics as well as their technical ability. 
  • Simply put, it is great fun and an ideal environment for improvement – two key components in soccer development. 
  • Futsal is considered a better training experience than walled indoor soccer.

Game Management – Rule compliance will be handled by the team managers and players – creative, free, unpressured play is the most important rule. Coaching and 

instructing beyond rule guidance will be discouraged. The game will teach the skills!!   


Dates: January – Mid-March


Location: Greentree SportsPlex


Dates/Times: Saturdays and Sundays, one game per week


Registration: Typically opens at the end of October and runs through early December.


Questions? Contact us at or